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The Leading Supplier of Steel Fabrication, Forging & Plate Fabrication Equipment

Ficep S.p.A. was established in 1930 and located at the foot of the Alps on the northern border between Switzerland and Italy. Ficep has been exclusively engaged in the engineering and manufacturing of machine tools for the metalworking industry.

The Ficep manufacturing complex is comprised of several affiliate Ficep owned companies that collectively encompasses over 1,500,000 square feet. Each specific facility maintains the responsibility for a specific product or product group to maximize efficiency.

Ficep UK's facility located in Wakefield Europort, West Yorkshire, contains our spare part stock, Hotline Support Team and Ficep CNC equipment in our extensive showroom facility for customer training and product demonstration. The facility also provides an area to refurbish used equipment and to exhibit other agency products for De-burring machines, Pipe cutting Equipment, material handling products and cold form rolling lines.

Presently 80% of Incoming Service Calls are Resolved Remotely!

The progressive changes that have been implemented to-date permit us to now resolve 80% of customer requests on the same day. This is a testament to the power of the Ficep "TeleService" which through the internet unleashes the diagnostic power of our PC based control system so we can effectively place an engineer on-site in minutes! The same diagnostic routines, parameter changes, software installations, etc. that our engineers traditionally performs on-site can now be implemented remotely through the internet.

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Services FICEPUK Provide

Our Services

New Equipment

Supply of structural steel, plate fabrication equipment systems, handling systems and forging systems.

Spare Parts Support

We currently stock several hundred thousand pounds of spare parts in the UK, which is now managed and tracked with the implementation of an automated software to provide spare parts back up locally.

Experienced Tech Support

With our Hotline support engineers Ian, and other field engineers available to assist, we now average over 25 years of CNC/computer experience. This gives them the type of expertise to diagnose challenges without delay by using an internet connection

Customer Training

We have an in-house training facility at our Wakefield HQ location where customers can send operators, maintenance staff and programmers for training in a classroom setting without the typical interruptions that generally occur onsite.

After Sales Support

Based upon your specific machine and serial number, which is tracked in our customer service software, one of our engineers, like Ian, can view the relative engineering documentation online to identify the problem and to facilitate the resolution.

Part Identification

Proper part identification frequently requires the user to interface with someone in our spare parts department, such as Alison Walker or Richard Clark. Viewing the relative spare parts documents electronically assists in spare part identification

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